[Bed. Must stop being sick. Must sleep off bronchitis.]

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Friendly reminder that our muses don’t always have to be friends and/or fall in love… (u‿u✿)

They can be enemies. Brutal enemies. So hateful of each other that they fall asleep plotting the other’s murder.   (✿)

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"If you really w-want to know…I can tell you when you will die."

"If you really w-want to know…I can tell you when you will die."

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[I finished my midterm and I survived. There’s one big thing out of the way. Tomorrow I’m gonna talk to my therapist about appealing my disability rejection and see what she thinks about it. I could really use the financial help right about now, with all these appointments and therapy sessions and shit.]

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"There is truth to that statement," Maxwell said as he awaited her decision. "They say when you aim to miss, you’ll end up hitting your previous target dead center." He looked up thoughtfully, looking at various spots on the roof. "I find that fascinating."

The moment he felt Waverly’s hand in his, he pushed open the door. He allowed her to step out before him, and the wilderness she was remembering would be on the other side. The air was warm, but not deathly hot as it got in the summer. There was also a gentle breeze, pushing some currently distant dark clouds. Maxwell stepped out the door behind her, and as it closed, the house they had previously been in completely disappeared. Waverly was in Maxwell’s world once again.

Maxwell released her hand and stepped ahead of her. Putting his arms out, his moved his hands in a forceful upwards motion, pulling up a Wormhole creature. Unlike the others, it was a bit discoloured and occasionally hiccuped. He turned towards Waverly again, “You’re free to roam where you wish, but remember this location.” He waved his hand at the sick wormhole, “This will take you back to your home, but you will be unable to return here again.” While it would be possible to have a wormhole connection between her home and his world, he couldn’t have other survivors stumbling on it and taking an easy escape.

The warm air was so different from anything Waverly knew. She had spent so long in the cold fog, surrounded in gray mist and a chill in the air, that she forgot the warmth of the sun and the feel of a nice breeze. Her monochrome world had no soft breezes, only chilly wind.

She took a step back when she saw the peculiar wormhole, making a face in disgust when she first laid eyes on it. It wasn’t entirely healthy, was it? “A-are you going to walk with me?” she asked. The world around her looked so vast. She wasn’t used to open spaces anymore; her own world was so close and confining. This place had open skies, ponds and plains. It was a beautiful place when you really stopped to look at it, but she vaguely remembered the danger as well. It wasn’t safe to stay here after dark…

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☢ [if you want to! I may or may not be flashing back to the organ trail shenanigans, lol]



"Waverly, don’t go wandering too far. We don’t want you getting lost." Sóttarfar called as Dvojnik and Dmitry kept an eye out for zombies and people while Cornelius was away scavenging.

"Unlike last time.” Dmitriy commented, looking back at her in that ‘shame on you for wandering and getting lost’ look.

(Definitely a flashback to the organ trail shenanigans.)

"I know I am." Cornelius knew she was joking. He nudged Dmitriy in the side as he heard him playfully say ‘I know that’s right, you are pretty terrible’. The older of the two settled on the bed leaned back against the headboard, drinking the soup. He quietly urged Dmitriy to eat as well, giving a few small swats at his shoulder before the boy finally said ‘Fine, fine I’m eating see?’ and drank down a few spoonfuls of soup.

Sóttarfar just shook his head at the whole thing. "All of you are silly."

Waverly was indeed like a mother hen, making sure everyone was eating and keeping her eyes on them. When she was sure everyone was eating, she started to sip at her own, pleased with her companions. If they were taking care of herself, she was happy.

"If we’re all silly, you’re the k-king of silly." Waverly nudged Sóttarfar in the side. "Your royal highness." 

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Professor X welcomed me home looking stoic as ever.

Professor X welcomed me home looking stoic as ever.

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[Sorry if I don’t do any responses today. I feel like shit and I’m freaking out over this midterm today and a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. My toe isn’t infected anymore but it still looks weird and I might have to have some skin or nail removed.

I just really hope it doesn’t involve an injection under the nail. I can handle a lot of painful shit, but not that. Never that.]

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[Pokemon Au: Finding Ghost Waverly]


[my idea for her AU character quickly turned into a pokepasta. I regret nothing.]

Waverly will always appear in the same place, under the same circumstances. While wandering through the woods, you may come across a clearing. If the health of your party is near full, you will see nothing but grass. However, if your party health is below half its total amount, you will find a small cabin there, with a sprite standing at the doorway.

Her name is Waverly. She will do as several other NPCs in the pokemon universe do; offer you a place to stay to regain your health. Yes or no? If you say ‘no thank you’, she will ask again. Once more, if you say ‘no thank you’, she will ask another time. Eventually, her response will simply be:


When you finally say ‘yes’, she will lead you inside. The house is small, dusty, and full of various nicknacks. She shows you to the room where you will be sleeping, and is honest by her word—she lets you stay and regain your health, and by morning, your party is rested. 

But when you try to leave, she stops you at the door. Again, she begins to beg you; stay another night. Again, your options are: yes and no. If you say yes, you stay another night, and the process repeats.

However, this time you do not regain health. Your party loses health each night you stay after the first, until it’s a game over.

But if you say no, Waverly grows hostile. Livid, furious that you should want to leave, she challenges you to a battle. Her Pokemon (a banette, duskull, lampent, klink, aron, and her party leader, a shuppet) are not extremely strong, but persistent.

At last, you defeat Waverly’s pokemon. But the battle doesn’t seem over. There is one more HP bar visible—the trainer’s, and it’s half empty.

There is one more move: “Waverly used Curse.”  “Waverly has disappeared.” “____ defeated Waverly”

You are in the forest again. Your party is at the same health it was before you found the cabin. And where the cabin used to be, there is now an old man sitting in the center of the clearing. Talk to him.

He tells you about a young woman who locked herself away. He tells you there used to be a house here, but it caught fire many years ago. He tells you about all the trainers who have gone missing in this forest…

He stands up to leave, and then you see what he was sitting on all along—a gravestone with six small rocks in a circle beside it.

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[I realized today, while canning cranberries with my mom and looking at our stockpiles, we are essentially doomsday preppers.]

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